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The Real Deal about Meta Tags-Are They Really That Important

Skilful use of Meta tags is one of the most effective web development strategies. Although, Meta tags do not play a key role in affecting a site's rankings they are definitely important for enticing web users to click on your site.

To know how Meta tags can benefit your website, read on…..

Meta tags are special HTML tags that give information related to a particular web page. These HTML tags have no affect on how your website gets ranked but provide other type of information such as the creator of the web page, how frequently it is updated, the contents of the page and keywords related to the page's content. 
This information is used by many a search engines for deciding the rankings of a particular website. However, addition of Meta tags does not guarantee your site's rankings in the search engines rankings.

Of course Meta tags are important but to know how important they are would depend on how you are looking at them. Meta keyword tags are not important at all, but Meta description tags are extremely significant.

Meta keyword tags

The Meta keyword tag first came into prominence in 1996, when crawler based search engines Infoseek and AltaVista started using them to decide a webpage's rank. Essentially, they are hidden HTML text that could be used to stuff keywords that may or may not be relevant to the site for increasing rankings. However they ate longer used to determine rankings; instead their use is highly discouraged and unethical use can invite penalty by search engines.

Meta description tags

Wouldn't it be great if you can tell web users about what to expect when they click on your site. Meta description tags do just that. The Meta description tag makes intelligent use of keywords and compelling content to increase the click through rates to your site.
They play little to no role in deciding a site's rankings but when you consider their role in enticing web users then they become the key player

So Meta description tags are what matters?

Well, the answer is a BIG YES. Effective use of Meta description tags in web development can increase your website's click through rate.

Google has come up with its own way to provide information about website-snippets, but this does not take away anything from the need for Meta tags. Snippets actually make use of Meta description tags as well as other content posted on your site that it may think is relevant to the web user.

Given below are some guidelines that can help you create an effective description Meta tag.

  • The page title should contain around 70 characters.
  • Meta description of around 160 characters
  • Do not include more than 10 keyword phrases

If you are looking for web development services, always make sure that it includes Meta tags because they are indeed VERY IMPORTANT.