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Professional Social Media Optimization

Damage Controlling with Professional Social Media Optimization

It is not yet known why people spread good news slowly while bad news spreads like wild fire. It might be some unsolved mystery of the human psyche, but meanwhile, professional agencies are trying and succeeding in damage control exercises with the help of social platforms.

With the advent of social networks, customers are getting more vocal about their displeasure and the inherent nature of social websites make it easy for the news to become viral in very little time. What possible goals can professional social media optimization achieve in controlling corporate reputation damage?

Monitoring Social Media Activity

Tools for alleviating your monitoring responsibilities are easily available free of cost. Unlike what most people think, it is possible for a one man army to keep track of all that is happening on the Twitter or Facebook stratosphere.

TweetDeck is a wonderful application which allows for centralized monitoring of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. There are even vertical social media monitoring tools that concentrate solely on a particular aspect of a business. Curvee is an application that has an inbuilt parser for wine based conversation on social platforms.

Professional social media optimization agencies are monitoring trends with better tools for better results and real time response to crises.

Responding to The Crisis

Information gap causes more harm than the crisis itself. Guessing games start once people see a void in information. Even employees have to be tutored on what to say or what to post on their personal forums and social networks.

It is advisable to keep an informal tone of conversation on social platforms. Viewers receive well those conversational communications which do not smack of corporate publications.

All these will certainly require the expertise of a professional social media optimization service unless, you have an in-house expert at your disposal.

Involve Experts

There are times when silence is the best way out. Say for instance, you do not avail of the services of a professional social media optimization agency then you might either sit silent or gather the best people around to tide over the rough period.

But, inactivity is not always recommended, you might have to take a stand and clear your name. This is when you will have to involve experts for an all out offensive on the perpetrators.

Bad news spreads fast but reining it in with proper damage control procedures is possible, all you need is professional social media optimization.