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Negative Effect of Duplicate Content on SEO

Duplicate content issues commonly affect the rankings of websites in search engine results. A search engine like Google has poor view of the content that is used in several websites. It can also consider it spam and may not place such websites in search results at all. A website's reputation can also be badly damaged if its content is found to be a blatant copy of another.

Search engines primarily check content as per syntactical comparison i.e. if the content has been directly copied and pasted from another online source. Even if other elements of search engine optimization are strong, duplicated content does not get good ranking. At the same time it needs to be understood that slightly changing the words and phrases to create a 'unique content' for search engines is not a smart move! This process is known as content spinning and has a negative effect on the quality of web content. If a software or application is used for the process, it may also change certain keywords and make the content even more futile for search engines.

Search engine optimization entails the process of making web content appealing for search engines as well as actual web users and this cannot be attained through content replication. Understanding target audience and developing quality content for them is important for the true success of SEO.

It is worthwhile to invest in professional content writing solutions when your aim is to achieve a good visibility in search engine rankings and attract more traffic on your website.