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Important Elements For Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecommerce websites allow customers the convenience of shopping from their homes. Even businesses are able to save conventional overheads and keep the profits to themselves. If you are planning to build an ecommerce website, make sure you include the following elements.

  • Go for a full page shopping cart than a mini page cart. Full page cart would let you include all the necessary information, such as product details, pricing details, shipping information, tax prices and other necessary information to facilitate online shopping.

  • Add a small thumbnail image of the product in the shopping cart. Since online buyers do not take decision quickly, and keep on checking products several times, by including thumbnail image in the shopping cart you can give them the satisfaction that they are buying the right product and are paying for what they need to buy.

  • Not everyone is comfortable with online registration. You should therefore keep it as optional and should let customers buy from you with minimal formalities and procedures.

  • Adopt a step-by-step process for check out. You can different stages, such as sign in, billing, payment, and finally verify. You may also have a single page check out process as it helps customers in their buying decision.

  • Make sure that the check out buttons and other ecommerce shopping cart buttons are large and obvious enough. Buttons such as Add to Cart or Proceed to Check out are easy to read and understand and make online shopping easy and enjoyable for customers.

  • To avoid Internet frauds, you must choose the most secured payment gateway and should use the latest encryption technology so that your customers do not hesitate in using their credit card.

  • To bring back customers to your online store and catalog, add continue shopping link on your ecommerce website. Place this link under the shopping cart where the customers can easily notice it.